Diamantis Karanastasis is a Greek actor born in Larissa, Greece in 1974. 
Along with drama school has also studied computer science at the National Polytechnic University of Athens.

He’s been playing in Greek theatre and television since 1998. 
	Co-founder of the “Complicity Theatre Group”, with which he has produced and played many plays.
Has directed - edited numerous stage videos for “Complicity” and others. 
	“My Blood” is his first feature film direction, based upon the -originally written for the stage- play “Fresh Blood”(2004, Complicity Theatre Group’s production - Marianna Calbari’s writing and direction).
In “My Blood”, along with directing and all the other stuff, he also holds -as in the stage production- the “Laius” character.

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Director - Editor - Producer - Screenplay Writer - Actor
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