Kharálampos Goyós  is a Greek composer. He was born in Athens in 1977, and has studied music with composers Philippos Tsalahouris and Dimitris Lionis. He has also studied musicology at the Athens University.

He has written the operasLittle Red Riding Hood And The (Good) Wolf (1998), Damage, An Opera In Seven Meals (2004, after the novel Damage by Josephine Hart), A Body (2007, after the short story by Camillo Boito, commissioned by the Experimental Stage of the Greek National Opera), Anthony's Death (forthcoming, after the recollection of the TV series Candy Candy and a text by Slavoj Žižek), and other works.

He has worked with the Orchestra of Colours, the Greek National Opera, the Hellenic Festival, the Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble, the dissonArt ensemble, the ARTéfacts ensemble, the National Theatre of Greece, the Greek Art Theatre etc.

His music has won prizes from the British magazine Classic CD, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Greek Composers Union.

Since 2002, he has been directing the music theatre companyThe Beggars' Operas along with designer Constantinos Zamanis and producer Gabriella Triantafyllis.

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