Marianna Calbari
Writer - Original Play - My Blood - copyright 2011 Diamantis Karanastasis
Was born in Athens, Greece. 
Studied in Paris, France: “Specialized French Literature” at the University of SORBONNE (PARIS IV), acting and directing at the “Theatre des Cinquante- ANDREAS VOUTSINAS” and at the “CHARPENTIER ART STUDIO”.
Back to Athens, studied drama at the GREEK ART THEATRE-KAROLOS KOUN.
Then played in various productions of the GREEK ART THEATRE, of the NATIONAL THEATRE of GREECE, of the ARTHOUSE THEATRE and others.
Has also played in cinema and television.
Has written nine plays that have been staged at the NATIONAL THEATRE (“One more breath” -2003, “Biomagic” -2004/2005), the GREEK ART THEATRE (“Marriage-phobia stories” -2006) the TRIPOLI FESTIVAL (“Trains sleep at night”- 2002), the ARGO THEATRE (“Fresh blood”-2004) and others. Has also translated plays that have been produced in several Greek stages.
Has directed fifteen productions, among which: Gertrude Stein’s “Not sightly”, Anton Tchekhov’s “Three sisters”, Margaret Edson’s “Wit”, Haendel’s opera “Giulio Cesare”, Offenbach’s opera “Orpheus in the Underworld”, Kh.Goyo’s opera “Pligi” produced by the GREEK ART THEATRE, the NATIONAL THEATRE, the ATHENS FESTIVAL, the THESSALONIKI CONCERT HALL, the COMPLICITY theatre group and others.
Has co-founded with Diamantis Karanastassis, Nestor Kopsidas and Katerina Lipiridou the “COMPLICITY” theatre group.
Has been teaching drama for the last 6 years at the GREEK ART THEATRE. 
Has also teached at the UOP UNIVERSITY of GREECE.