- My Blood - copyright 2011 Diamantis Karanastasis
    “MY BLOOD” is actor’s Diamantis Karanastasis’ first feature film direction, based on Marianna Calbari’s critically acclaimed Greek play “FRESH BLOOD”, inspired from the Greek ancient Oedipus myth.

The film was conceived by Diamantis Karanastasis (director, screenwriter, editor, producer) from the very start as a zero cost production.
    The film has been shot without the assistance of any crew, except for the Director and the D.O.P. 
    The few people involved in this project are distinguished Greek artists, including the actors (Vicky Volioti, Nestor Kopsidas), the music composer (Stavros Gasparatos), the set designer (Christina Calbari), the director of photography (Simos Sarketzis) and the original-play-writer (Marianna Calbari).

The main target through the whole creation period, which spanned region two years, was to unveil and propose a new way to weave film into theatre.

                                                Diamantis Karanastasis