Vicky Volioti
Actress - My Blood - copyright 2011 Diamantis Karanastasis
Born in Bonn, Germany, by Greek father and German mother, now lives in Athens Greece. Studied at the School of Superior Theatrical Studies of the Greek National Theatre.

"From Afar" by T. Atheridis, dir. T. Atheridis
"Sweet Ophelia" by I. Remediaki, dir. I. Remediaki
"Philoktet" by H. Mueller, dir. M. Langhoff
"Transito" by T. Atheridis, dir. T. Atheridis
"Demons" by F. Dostoyevsky, dir. M. Lymberopoulou
"A Bee in August" by T. Atheridis, dir. T Atheridis
"Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare, dir. M Lymberopoulou
"Diversities Settlement Procedures" by D. Dimitriadis, dir. G. Lanthimos
"The Cherry Orchard" by A. Tchekhov, dir. Th. Moumoulides
"The Tear of the Hands" by A. Demou, dir. V. Mavromati
"The Poets Enemy" by G. Chimonas, dir. M. Lymberopoulou
"Orestis" by Euripides, dir. Th. Moumoulides
"Servo di Duo Padroni" by C. Goldoni, dir. Th. Moumoulides
"Les Bonnes" by J. Gene, dir. Th. Moumoulides
"Nice Setting"by L. Christides, dir. S. Fasoulis
"Trojan Women" by Euripides, dir. M. Kakojannis
"Midsummernight's Dream"by W. Shakespeare,dir. G. Michailidis
"Orestia" by Aeschylus,dir. G. Michailidis
"Bluebird" by M. Maeterling,dir. G. Michailidis
"A Bee in August" by T. Atheridis
"Fading Light" by V. Douros
"2000+1 Moments" by D. Athanitis
" Verspielte Naechte" by A. Antoniou
"Like a Prairycock in Wyoming" by D. Indares
"Desire" by V. Iliopoulou
"Equinox" by N. Kornilios

 "Ministry of Culture Prize- Best Actress of the Year" for the film "Desire" by V. Iliopoulou
Selectet by the Greek Film Centre for Participation in the Presentation "Shooting Stars", introducing Europe's New Acting Talents, Berlin International Film Festival